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Full Day Content Creation Shoot With Collagen Lift Paris Canada

I have posted a fair amount about this project on my instagram @derouchiemedia and a large amount of my followers asked for a blog post on how this entire process went! AND I am a sharer and while it took me a few weeks, I wanted to go through with you how this shoot came to be and how I planned the day.

I work with Collagen Lift Paris as their Social Media Manager, Influencer Marketing and more. We had been in talks for a bit about creating our own content for Social Media and Campaigns and Promos. In our Last meeting discussing the 1st Quarter we planned out our ideas behind the content for the months ahead, any promos planned, type of imagery we'd like and more. And we managed to pull the whole thing off in two weeks.

Once we decided on how much content and type of photography we wanted we picked a date that we could focus the whole day on the shoot and discussed the location. We knew that we needed a variety of content and preferably indoors (we discussed hotel options in Ottawa, Renting an AIRBNB etc.). We were able to have access to a relatives gorgeous home for the day that provided us the backdrop for the entire shoot.

So we had the date, content plan and location. From this I needed to scout models, hair and makeup. Using Friends and Family, Models from a local group, and various connections we secured 11 models, 2 MUA's and a Hairstylist. (In less than 2 weeks).

Once we knew who our models were I took a closer look at our content plan and created a rough shot list (in general and specifically for each model). This then helped me decide on start times for models, when certain ones should overlap, who I needed for the whole day and planning out hair and makeup. I took the shot list and created a schedule for the day including time slots for various hair and makeup retouches etc. I emailed the address, instructions, directions for the day, expectations, wardrobe list etc to each participant and was available for questions leading up to the shoot.

With a budget from the client I shopped for props and created a list for myself of what I needed for the day. Backdrop stand, backdrops, lighting, tripods, props purchased, my props from home, ensuring my equipment was ready (cards empty, batteries charged etc). We had a list of what was available at the location. The client, Collagen Lift Paris, provided food and drinks for all participants. I printed shot lists and schedules to have handy on site and printed model release forms for all participants.

I checked in with all participants 48hrs before the shoot to ensure everyone was still available and ready for the day.

The day of I arrived at the location an hour early to scout spots, test my lighting and set up any of my equipment that would be used right away. The MUA's and Hairstylist were the first to arrive so we got them setup and ready with the schedules. As the models arrived we directed them to the change area and which would be the first look I would be shooting.

The day went well and in the end we ended up with enough content for the time period planned. I will also be shooting straight product shots using a lightbox in my at home studio. I will use some of these images for content for social media, banners for the website and to edit some of the product/model photography from the day.

In the end I put in somewhere between 12-15 hours planning and scheduling the shoot, the full day of and approximately 3 days of editing (with some photoshop editing left), with over 2k images to cull through. I focussed on the editing of images required for content in February first. And several hours of follow up with participants and sharing content for portfolios, client gallery management etc.

In the future for a shoot this size I will use 2 assistants. The day was big and filling all the roles for the day was a bit too much on my own. The first assistant specifically for keeping everyone on schedule, managing models, MUA's and Stylist (checking to make sure the outfit is ready, look is on brand, keep the schedule moving and ensuring everyone is where they need to be). The second would be assisting me with lighting, on set adjustments (think hair out of place, bra strap in the shot etc) and assisting in capturing behind the scene images and video.

This scale of a shoot isnt always necessary but a great way to capture bulk content, when shooting for a whole season, a full campaign, a new product launch or re-branding.

If you have any questions about my process, interested in booking a shoot (of any size) or are interested in content planning assistance contact me via our contact form , e-mail (info@derouchiemedia.com) or through dm on social media.

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